Feminist Pledge: Frieda 

I pledge to be an inclusive feminist. I pledge to be someone who makes others aware that by default feminism does include and benefit everyone. I pledge to be a feminist aware of our non-female ally’s. I pledge to be non-judgmental, I pledge not to segregate feminists, I pledge to not dictate what a feminist […]

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Feminist Pledge: Emily 

     My pledge is to remember the little things count too. I give myself a hard time about not being the “perfect” feminist and for not changing the world over night. This of course is completely unrealistic and whilst I know this, I see wonderful women like Malala Yousefi and think about how I’m […]

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Feminist Pledge: Iris

                                           I PLEDGE: To Never Stand Down Or Apologise For The Passion I have For The Things I Know Are Right – I’m Not A ‘Crazy Bitch’. I forever doubt myself for the things I […]

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Feminist Pledge: Sian

   I pledge to continue to educate myself about all areas of marginalised society.  When I first discovered feminism, and began to recognise the ways that the patriarchal society had affected my life- ways that, prior to this time, I didn’t realise bothered anyone else but me.  Maybe that’s the point. I didn’t realise. I […]

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The Ultravenus Feminist Pledge

We all know the concept of a resolution. A promise of self improvement, to carry out acts of kindness, to strive to be slightly better than the person we were before. With feminism encompassing such a huge range of ideologies and movements, it is important for us to understand that as a concept, it is […]

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