Crohn’s Warrior: Natalie Amber

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Words and photography by Emily Nardini

This is Natalie Amber. She’s a signed model and a dancer from Swindon. She spent years in and out of Wilkes Academy School of Performing Arts due to always being sick, was always let go from weekend jobs and was even sick on set on a modelling job in Paris. These are her own words…

For years, the doctors told her she was anorexic or had severe IBS. Despite her telling them constantly she was sure she had Crohn’s disease, they refused to give her a test and said she did not have it

December 5th 2017 – She collapsed, went temporarily blind, was below 5 stone and anything she ate had been coming straight back up for the past year or so due to her intestines blocking up. She was rushed to hospital and was told if she didn’t have the operation, she would die. She had two emergency ops in 2 days. She had sepsis, kidney failure, a machine to wash her blood and had lost so much water. Her intestines were out in a bag all night as they couldn’t sew her together as was just deteriorating. She was resuscitated on the table and her parents were told to prepare for the worst as she was hours from death

She says she had God on her side because she battled through it and after a week in intensive care was moved to a normal ward. She was wheelchair bound for 4 months and also woke up to a stoma bag which she had no words for. She was heartbroken and thought at the time it would prevent her from the career she wanted

She has so far raised awareness/helped others in becoming comfortable in their own skin, stoma bag or no stoma bag scars and spreading the self love message that we can do anything no matter what. She wants to continue raising awareness and helping people as she knows this is her calling. She also wants to start going around schools to raise awareness on Crohn’s and the bullying that can surround it!


Natalie Amber – @natalieambermodel

Emily Nardini – @emilynardini

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