Gratitude – A Note to Self

Words and painting by Siâ Irv

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 18.31.42

Look around and be grateful. Remember to be grateful, always. Be yourself and worry less about what others think of you.

Stop spending money to chase a dream of happiness that will never exist until you are happy in your present state. Stop spending money on things to try and make you feel beautiful, when you are already beautiful.

Make use of your talents. You have many. Don’t let a lack of confidence destroy your intricate ideas, don’t let it kill the magic. You are capable of great things. Do them.

Commit yourself to loving yourself and take ownership of the situations you put yourself in. Don’t spend your life struggling through situations made more difficult than they need to be by a constant quick sand of self doubt and worry.

Be your own energy. Rely on yourself to lift yourself up. Rely on yourself because you are the ONLY THING that you have for life. Be thankful for that. Recognise your worth. You change the world by being yourself, flaws and all.

So…stop striving for perfection when you already are perfection.

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