An Ode to Moonchild

Words by Siâ Irv and Nike Fleming. Pictures by Siân Irvine.


October was music month here at Ultravenus. We celebrated the power that music gives us, along with the incredible musical talent that we are lucky to be surrounded by.

On October 12th, I was lucky enough to be taken to see the jazz four-piece Moonchild, by my sister in law and brother. Moonchild, fronted by the ethereal Amber, hail from LA and bring with them soulful tones reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Bjork.

This was the first time I had seen Moonchild, although my loved ones who took me were veterans- this was Ni’s fourth (?) time of seeing them, having been to a show in Berlin just a week before. As a first timer, I was honestly blown away. Kieran and Ni, having seen them before, were equally as impressed as the first time they had seen the band.


Unable to narrow the gig down to one defining moment or even a run of the mill review, Ultravenus has compiled the TOP TEN THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT MOONCHILD:

The visuals.

From the hazy smoke filled depths of the Jazz Club, red and blue lights cast onto the stage as the keys sounded and the band came on. An extremely tight four-piece, watching the band was just as exciting as listening to them. From the dancing of all the band members to the light and smoke show that accompanied the music, alongside the dulcet settings of the infamous jazz club, the visuals of watching Moonchild are 10 out of 10.

That outfit!

Red hair, red top, red flowing shawl, red trousers and silver shoes- Moonchild’s frontwoman Amber brings fire in every sense of the word with her stylings.


The atmosphere

The Jazz Cafe in Camden is famous for hosting all kinds of funk, soul and of course jazz acts in its famous venue in the heart of Camden Town. Watch acts perform directly in front of the stage, or get a seat on the balcony for a different view. With the atmosphere similar to that of a 1920’s speakeasy, The Jazz Cafe was the perfect venue to be introduced to the soulful sounds of Moonchild.

The energy

Moonchild brought with them such power with their music, from the very second they stepped out on stage. The energy flowed from each member of the band and their instruments and washed over the audience like a wave. There was an electricity in the room that came directly from the band themselves, the type of energy you would ordinarily associate with a much bigger venue. With all of this packed into the relatively small Jazz Cafe, the atmosphere was incredible!

The technicality of the music

Each of the musicians on stage were phenomenally talented. The beginning of each song brought with it a new wave of musical technicalities, keeping things exciting and fresh. The audience were so in awe of the haunting, ethereal vocals, that it came completely unexpected when Amber then picked up a saxophone and killed it on that as well. The gig opened with a soulful solo on the keyboard, and crescendo’d into a mountain of musical depth and exploration- as exciting for the audience as it seemed to be for the performers. It was so amazing to see artists on stage truly embracing their talent and enjoying themselves so much.

How many musicians were in the room

The gig was opened by Oscar Jerome, an understated yet hyper talented young man who brought with him some beat-heavy jazz lyrics and Jimi Hendrix guitar solo vibes. He brought with him a huge following who were supporting him in the crowd. He complimented Moonchild perfectly. After his set, Jerome joined the audience. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people who appreciated this type of music, talking to those around us about the instruments being played and watching people be inspired by the performances.

The participation from the audience

Despite this being my first time seeing Moonchild, they had some die hard fans in the room that night (Kieran and Ni included). The band seemed to thrive off the audience singing their songs back to them and the energy in the room was electrifying. Even those of us who weren’t familiar with lyrics, such as myself, caught a vibe from dancing- it was almost impossible not to!

The company

The gig ticket was a birthday present to me from my beautiful sister in law Nike. My night was honestly made by being surrounded by some of my favourite people in the world, her and my brother. Watching them vibe off their favourite kind of music made my heart swell, and I was so happy that my first experience of watching Moonchild was with them.

Meeting the band

After the gig, Ni wanted to stay behind and say hi to the band. They remembered her! To me, this proved what genuinely lovely people they are, on top of the incredible talent. They truly appreciate their fans and this meant so much to us.

The beautiful music

The overlying feeling that came away with me from the evening was one of pure love- love for the people I was with, love for the venue and the people I’d met there (shout out to Melissa behind the bar) and love for the amazing band I had been introduced to. I had discovered music which is unlike anything else I have been listening to at the moment- something that I haven’t heard in a long time.

Thank you, Moonchild! We love you.


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