Ultravenus Vol.2- the playlist 

By Emily Hughes
With our new website and masses of inspiration we thought it was a great time to where some of that is coming from. Below is a playlist made up of songs and artists from which the team have taken inspiration, we hope you enjoy it!


1. No Doubt – Just A Girl

This is one of those songs I listen to now and remember relating to it when I was younger. It gives me a great sense of pride that I was a feminist before I even really knew it!


 Alanis Morrissette – Thank You

An oldie but an absolute goodie; I am in love with how unapologetic Alanis is, she’s one person I’d love to see make a comeback.


3. Honeyblood – Choker 

I’m a fan of this tune’s clunky bass and dark, poetic lyrics, inspired by Angela Carter’s short story “The Bloody Chamber”.


4. Girlpool – Slutmouth

I’ve only just discovered this band and they are so awesome – reminiscent of Help! She Can’t Swim or Kimya Dawson (most famous for her contribution to the Juno Soundtrack). They are playing Scala in September, check them out.


5. Jack Off Jill – Author Unknown

I don’t know about you, but ever since the announcement that my teen favourites were doing a one off reunion show in the UK, I have been waiting with bated breath to get my hands on tickers and screamed when it finally happened. I chose this track as it just screams, literally, that they won’t take any shit from anyone.


6. Janis Joplin – Little Girl Blue

This gorgeous cover of the Richard Rogers classic was chosen by Iris. What. A. Voice.


7. Adult Mom – I Make Boys Cry

The line “I make boys cry because they don’t understand that I am a person” makes me think of dickhurt “meninists” on Twitter – a bit of a tongue in cheek choice.


8. Lapsley – Station

The ultimate chill out tune and if Holly is pumping out songs like this aged 19, I can’t imagine what she’ll go on to do. Definitely one to watch and a great contribution from our editor, Sian.


9. Sharon Jones – 100 days, 100 nights

An additional soulful and powerful pick, courtesy of Iris. 


10. Laura Marling – Strange

I really wasn’t sure about the latest album “Short Movie” but it’s a grower I now can’t imagine life without it. She’s just so cool.


11. L7 – Shitlist

L7 are the second of three bands that feature on this playlist that have made a comeback this year. In case you aren’t acquainted, L7 are the godmothers of grunge and this one is for any fellow feminist bloggers out there who write about the things that piss them off.


12. Haim – If I Could Change Your Mind

Our lovely guest writer, Frieda’s first choice because “they’re doing it for girls and hairdressers everywhere”. Agreed!


13. Millie Jackson – I Cry

Bluesy soul realness from one of the original Queens. 


14. Purity Ring – Heartsigh

Ethereal, dreamy and synthy, love love love this.


15. Laura Mvula – That’s Alright

We ADORE Laura Mvula and cannot wait for her new album. In the meantime, “That’s Alright” is an upbeat track that promotes self love and challenges the white washing of beauty ideals.


16. Courtney Love – Miss Narcissist

The latest single from Mrs Love Cobain, this one’s a fun poppy rock tune. Quite a far cry from Hole but awesome nonetheless!


17. Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

Yet another classic, we love that this one promotes confidence, loving ourselves and damns the objectification of women by men.


18. Magik Markers – Taste

An eclectic mix of 90s grunge and a southern drawl. Shouldn’t work, but really, really does.


19. Nina Simone – Love Me or Leave Me

Nina serves up some straight talking home truths peppered with anguished heartbreak. We love this lady. 


20. Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot

I know, I know. A Courtney Love fan that puts Kim Gordon on their playlist but this has such nostalgic vibes and reminds me of being 15. Had to shout out to Sonic Youth for our editor Sian! 


21. La Sera – Losing to the Dark

I like the pissed off lyrics of “Losing to the dark”, a fab post break up song.


22. Shocking Blue – Shocking You

Real 70’s vibes and oh so catchy, thanks Iris!


23. Vivian Girls – Tell The World

A folky number suggested by Frieda.


24. Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time

The amazing theme tune for Orange is the new black. It seems to split opinions, I’m definitely all for this tune!


25. Merry Clacton – Southern Man

Iris gives us another funky soul cover, this time of the Neil Young classic calling out institutionalised racism in the States. Unfortunately, still relevant- which is why we are glad it’s been reinvented with this fresh twist. 


26. Babes in Toyland – Sweet 69

Can you tell I’m a riot grrl at heart? As with L7, I’m gutted I missed out on their reunion gigs over here. I think these ladies, JOJ & L7 should do a special show.


27. Emmy the Great – We Almost Had A Baby

A teenage love ballad that addresses both the feelings we are all now so familiar with, but with some honest rawness that is rarely seen.


28. Tatu – All The Things She Said

The catchiest karaoke banger, so good!


29. Jagaara – Faultlines

These lovely ladies could pass as Haim’s electronic, sultry sisters, catch them at Bestival in September.


30. Bahamadia – Wordplay

Proving that females are just as relevant in hip-hop, Bahamadia brings an impressive flow alongside some classic 90s beats. We love a throwback! 


 31. Grimes – Entropy

Another selection from Frieda, Grimes’ new single and it’s a super happy one, perfect for summer.


32. Amy Winehouse – What Is It About Men?

In the wake of the 4 year anniversary of her untimely death and the release of the controversial, hard to watch documentary, we want you to join us in remembering Amy for her talent – writing beautiful lyrics and singing in her inimitable voice.


What are your musical feminist inspirations? Let us know below!

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