Feminist Pledge: Iris


I PLEDGE: To Never Stand Down Or Apologise For The Passion I have For The Things I Know Are Right – I’m Not A ‘Crazy Bitch’.
I forever doubt myself for the things I post on social media and keep quiet when overhearing an infuriating conversation at work in fear of appearing like the ‘crazy bitch’. I’ve been told before that I have extreme views but I know that my views are right and they are wrong. Maybe I am wrong to think that? But how can speaking out for equality in humans and animals be wrong? As the quote that so often floats about the internet says “when a man gives his opinion he’s a man, when a woman gives her opinion she’s a bitch”.

You will never shut me up or make me feel bad for speaking out about something I know is wrong; just because you don’t have the balls to do so.


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