Feminist Pledge: Sian

I pledge to continue to educate myself about all areas of marginalised society. 

When I first discovered feminism, and began to recognise the ways that the patriarchal society had affected my life- ways that, prior to this time, I didn’t realise bothered anyone else but me. 

Maybe that’s the point. I didn’t realise. I didn’t KNOW. Even to my own plight, I was ignorant. 

Learning about feminism opened a whole new world to me: how I can fight, how I can challenge, how I can make a difference. How I can make things better for myself. How I can make things better for others. 

For a while, I was under the impression that my struggle equated to all other struggles. That of course, because I was a marginalised person myself, I was nothing BUT an ally to people of colour/the LGBTQ+ community/the disabled community. I see now, that this behaviour by its very nature was problematic. 

My pledge is to continue to strive and educate myself about the marginalisation of all people, and to be the best ally I can be to all oppressed groups. I will no longer overlook any behaviour that could be deemed problematic, either from myself, or other people. 

I acknowledge that I have engaged in problematic behaviour. However, I pledge to continue to educate myself about the issues that surround us in contemporary society: cultural appropriation, disability awareness, transphobia- to name a few. There are probably hundreds that I am unaware of- I urge everyone to get in contact and help me learn!

On this note, however, I would also like to acknowledge that problematic behaviour can be unlearned- whether it be a lifetime of self-loathing or actions that intentionally or unintentionally hurt another person or group of people. There is always room to grow. It is important to note that this goes for others, too- yes, someone may have fucked up in the past, but they have just as much time and space to learn as you do. 
I pledge to constantly and consistently fight against any prejudice that I encounter. I pledge to continue to educate myself about all kinds of discrimination. I pledge to be the best ally I can be to any person or persons who need it. 

Sian. x 

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