The Lo Fi Project

Regular followers of Ultravenus, particularly on Instagram, will have noticed a hashtag that has been used over and over again, but as yet, remains unexplained. #thelofiproject – what is it? What does it mean?

As our art project has gained some momentum, we feel now is the time to reveal to you what exactly we mean by The Lo Fi Project, the purpose of the hashtag, and how you can get involved.
It’s widely acknowledged that we live in the age of the selfie. With everyone from Pope Francis to astronaut Chris Cassidy (from space, no less) to the Obama’s getting involved with smartphone portraits, it’s not unusual to see a selfie somewhere online almost every day. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has taken so many, she has been able to literally publish a book (Ultravenus editor Sian reveals her opinions on “Selfish” Kim later this month).
We live in an age where people can built legitimate careers by creating videos of themselves on YouTube, and indeed, social networking is generally considered to be an everyday aspect of most lives, and yet somehow, there is a stigma attached to the selfie. From idle accusations of narcissism to full blown assumptions that regular selfies=mental health issues, Ultravenus wants to explore why the world is so offended when we take photos of ourselves.
What exactly is the issue that the general public have with a public display of self appreciation? Why, when female bodies are sexualised by others on a daily basis, does it become so offensive when we deliberately put ourselves in that space?
This year, we have seen campaigns such as #freethenipple- challenging sexist double standards about instagrams nudity policy. We have seen Rupi Kaur facing censorship for daring to post a photo of her leaked period- again, policed by Instagram.
The Lo Fi project began as an exploration of accessible art through the smart phones we all use to document our lives on a daily basis. As we have explored ourselves and our artistic limits through our smartphones, it seems to have taken on a much more important role.
With the Lo Fi project, we want to push the boundaries of the self portrait. Where is the line between an artistic self portrait and a narcissistic self portrait?
Here is our first edition of the Lo Fi project. We want to encourage all of our followers to participate using the hashtag #thelofiproject, and each month we will be showcasing our favourites.
Art and solidarity has no limit. We want to project this with the Lo Fi project.


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