Underrated Singers of Instagram

Words by Emily Nardini We are quite lucky to be apart of a generation that can use our charm to hustle on Social Media. However, everyone who isn’t shy to put the graft in is doing so. Whether you’re a model, photographer, you name it…we are all just out here in this world doing what […]

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Guess Who’s Back? Tinashe’s Back

Words by Emily Nardini Back again, the songstress Tinashe has re-arrived full throttle in the R&B game just in time for 2020. She’s taking her spot, but where did she even go?! UV’er’s, here’s our take on the singer-songwriter’s music journey on how she got to ‘Songs for You’ and why she’s here to stay […]

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UV’s To-Read List

  Words by Emily Nardini So before we start off, UV just want to say we are massive fans of the Diving Bell Group. Why is Diving Bell Group relevant towards the To Read List you want to share upon us you may ask? This is because Diving Bell Group is the wonderful agency for […]

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In Conversation With… Tori Ree

Words and photography by Sian Irvine  UV knows some amazing people, and I am lucky enough to have known the amazing Tori since school days. Her journey into fitness turned into a journey to self love, so I sat down with her to discuss this, life, and everything that comes with it. For those who […]

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The Ultravenus Autumn Playlist

Words by Sian Irvine The days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisp and we are starting to see our breath when we leave our house in the morning. Autumn is upon us, and with it comes the UV Autumn Playlist! Expect to hear lots of songs from our favourite girls with a Fem […]

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In Conversation With…Samara Brown

Words and photography by Emily Nardini UV have the nearest and dearest of friends. They’re more like sisters. In those friends, some are Yummy Mummy’s. Majority are all working mama’s. UV being feminists, we’re aware of the gender pay gap and all that inequality. We thought by interviewing one of our best mama friends, we […]

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UV’s Fem Movies To Watch 2019

Words by Emily Nardini UV has noticed that female leads are consisting with 3 or more powerful ladies lately. This has been the norm (Charlie’s Angels, c’mon) – however, these new films are exploring women being fresh on their game through 2019 fem eyes. Let’s go through the list of same principals but very different […]

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It’s Hard Out Here For A Feminist

Words by Emily Nardini Is it hard to live up to the expectations of being a feminist? Hell yeah. Can the expectations be unrealistic? Fucking right! The feminism examples of Stranger Things where Eleven has her first girl friend bonding experience to Big Little Lies when all the ladies come together after an abusive partner […]

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The Ultravenus Summer Playlist

Words by Siân Irvine The start of the school holidays means one thing- summer is officially upon us, and with it comes the Ultravenus Summer Playlist! This time around, we have gone for some ambient soul and hip hop vibes, with some old favourites and new classics. Grab a cocktail, your sunglasses, and sit in […]

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UV’s Favourite Podcasts

Words by Sian Irvine In January, we decided to expand the Ultravenus empire by starting our very own monthly podcast, which you can listen to here, on our Soundcloud. I was inspired to create our podcast from my own love of the medium. There are so many amazing, interesting, insightful and funny podcasts out there […]

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In Conversation With… Joe Whelan

Words and photography by Emily Nardini Joe Whelan, Swindon, Freelance Graphic Designer/Art Director. I wanted to personally interview Whelan as think he is extremely underrated from designing Big Zuu’s ‘Hold Dat’ EP artwork to T-Pain’s UK Tour Flyer. UV wanted to keep it real so had a local pub crawl and fusion food catch up […]

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Celebrating Pride Month

Words by Sian Irvine June marks Pride Month, a worldwide observance to honour the LGBT+ community, and to celebrate that LOVE is LOVE. Pride celebrations are held in different cities all through the summer, where LGBT+ people celebrate being their truest and most authentic self, and people of all genders and sexual orientations come together […]

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In Conversation With… Ni

Words and photography by Sian Irvine   This week on Ultravenus, we talk to jazz singer Ni… who just so happens to also be my sister in law! This incredibly talented young lady is a creative tour de force, and we sat down to talk music, food, creativity and all that’s in between. UV: Hi! […]

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Women are like Fruits

Words and photography by Emily Nardini In the wokeness of #MentalHealthMatters, I wanted to share photo’s I took of all the lovely ladies from a Don’t Blink Networking Event in London I participated in last year that was ran by fellow photographer Callum Knowles. No woman looks the same, but all are beautiful! According to […]

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For those of you who don’t know, we now have a podcast! We have achieved one a month since the beginning of the year, and just released episode 4 this past week. You can listen to all episodes via our soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/ultravenuszine Let us know what you think using the hashtag #UVPodcast send any questions […]

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Every Body Is Beautiful

Words and photography by Siân Irvine Body positivity is loving your body, in all of its glory. It is knowing that imperfections make us unique. It is knowing that there is no “perfect” body, that the beach will get any body that we decide to give it, and that despite what the media tells us, the only […]

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#MeToo In Hip Hop: It’s Coming

Words by Emily Nardini My partner in crime Samara definitely inspired this UV post. Thank you girl… #MeToo in Hip Hop is on the rise. The most notable rise yet which we discussed in UV’s Podcast Episode 2 is R. Kelly. Due to the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, he is on trial under investigation for […]

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International Women’s Day

Words by Siân Irvine Today, March 8th, marks International Women’s Day. For me, this is one of the most important dates on the calendar. It gives us an opportunity to celebrate ourselves and our achievements, show respect and gratitude to the women we admire and aspire to be like, and share solidarity and strength with those around […]

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What Feminism means to me…

Words by Siân Irvine Feminism was the realisation that I was not the only one who felt undermined for being a girl. It was recognising that my feelings were legitimate, honest and true. It was realising that I was not alone. My feminism was expanding my knowledge and understanding of issues that didn’t affect me, and […]

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Crohn’s Warrior: Natalie Amber

Words and photography by Emily Nardini This is Natalie Amber. She’s a signed model and a dancer from Swindon. She spent years in and out of Wilkes Academy School of Performing Arts due to always being sick, was always let go from weekend jobs and was even sick on set on a modelling job in […]

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It’s all part of the process

Nike Fleming So it’s 7:30am and you’re pottering around your bedroom trying to find things to fix, things to make better, things to make good, things to make beautiful. You haven’t slept yet because nothing is ever good enough. Your space was almost immaculate earlier today and then you let people in who soiled and […]

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